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Best Preschool in Bangalore

Virchus Early Years

Virchus Early Years is a child-centred preschool and daycare, nestled in a 3-acre campus. Our learning spaces are designed to evoke a sense of wonder. Here, children grow through play and experiential learning in a safe and loving environment. The goal is holistic education, whilst inculcating pride and joy in our country's rich heritage and culture. Virchus Early Years is a perfect solution for discerning parents.

Nurturing Brilliance.   Instilling Values.

Our programmes

Pre-K program

(3-4 years)

Joyful Learners 
(Year I)

K1 Program

(4-5 years)

Joyful Learners 

(Year II)

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Young Explorers

Pre-K program (3-4 years)

Joyful Learners (Year I)

K1 Program (4-5 years)

Joyful Learners (Year II)

K2 Program (5-6 years)


2.5 years and above

Why the VEY model works

Progressive Education

We prioritize individualized learning by allowing each child to progress at their own unique pace, accommodating their diverse strengths, interests, and developmental needs.

Gamified Learning

Through gamified learning approaches, we integrate playful and interactive elements into educational activities, fostering engagement and motivation in the learning process. These develop essential skills and knowledge in young children, making learning an enjoyable and immersive experience.

Global Citizens

Our curriculum integrates international perspectives, enabling your child to appreciate diversity, develop cultural sensitivity, and become compassionate global citizens while maintaining pride in their Indian heritage.

Instilling Values

Values such as respect for elders, compassion, gratitude and integrity, serve as a foundation for  moral and ethical growth of the learners. They provide a internal compass that guides their actions, shapes their character, and nurtures a sense of community and belonging

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