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Parent's  feedback 

Meenakshi Mandal (Yuvaan)

The school is amazing and I can say it’s giving the best early years education to my kid. There are multiple numbers of activities to keep the child engrossed and make them learn many skills through them. School is very spacious, very neat and clean and I believe that’s one reason my kid doesn’t fall sick often. My sincere thanks and regards to all the teachers for their hard work.

Good Interaction.

He is learning lot of things here and I can see the difference within there 2-3 months. I
appreciate the hard work done by all the teachers. Thanks!!

Prashant Bansal
Dr. Venus Bansal (Dhruvika)

Kids do so many different things. I am truly impressed with the hard work you guys are doing for these little ones!!

My child is learning new things and grasping good traditional value too with modern study.

Thanks to all the staff for hard work.

Anjali (Sharvil)

Happy seeing these pictures and more happy that children are getting natural environment. Was always hoping for the same. You guys are doing great job.

Sai Smita (Niva)

Thank you so much for sharing ma’am. We feel immense happiness to see her enjoy different
activities at school. Loved all the activities. So so happy to see her enjoying.

Rabab Basheev
Nishad. P C (Emin)

Good interacting inputs taken.

Rajiv Ranjan
Prateeksha Sharma (Darshit)

We’ve feet happiness and confidence in our child, The staff go above beyond to create a
nurturing environment.

Maunicio (Mivaan)

Mivaan is really happy to come to school. Thanks for all the staffs and teachers.

Biya Khamesra
Abhijeet Kumar (Kiara)

Kiara in learning new things in school and she is happy to Sing/ Dance and play outdoors in

Mohana Rajan (Rahyl)

Thanks for a great introduction to schooling for our son. Very happy to have choose Virchus.

Dibin Dass
Priyadarshini (Irav)

Excellent progress in IRAV in past 1 year.

Happy to see how he is doing activities without getting bored. The way teacher helps them is really commendable; without really empathetic way of teaching loved it. Also the way his knowledge, discipline have improved a lot.

Thank you :)

Deepanshu Garg (Advik)

He is able to make up sentences, make words, read words and is more observant.

Nishitha. N
Shinoj. T. B (Sharwin)

Excellent progress!

I observed he is very much interested in all the materials provided by school. I am very happy
to see he is very happy in doing and learn.


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