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The Virchus   Story

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Virchus is a newly minted word that has two dimensions:  It is inspired by the word 'Virchasu' which means ‘values’ in Sanskrit. And in English, it is an adaption of  the word ‘Virtuous’.

Our life when imbued with values becomes joyous, and successful. Only with ethics, one can contribute to society.  At Virchus, we provide holistic Education along with our country's famed value system, and  honour for nature.

Virchus cultivates innate intelligence and goodness, shaping young minds into next-generation leaders. Inspired by our rich Indian culture, we aim to nurture young minds to become role models, inspiring generations to come. Soaring towards brilliance yet rooted in empathy, we are committed to helping them leverage their knowledge for the greater good.

Unique school.   Unique outcomes.

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