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A Typical day at VEY

Morning greetings &freeplay

Starting the day with warm greetings and allowing children to explore and engage in unstructured play.

Montessori hour 

Engaging in a diverse range of activities, including exercises of practical life, sensorial exploration, numerical and linguistic skill development, and cultural enrichment, fostering a well-rounded and holistic educational experience.

Immersing in nature

Embracing the natural world through outdoor exploration, gardening, and ecological awareness to foster a sense of wonder and environmental connection.

Enrichment activities

Offering a range of diverse activities such as art, baking, science experiments, play dough and much more to stimulate holistic development.

Meditation, Shloka chanting & music

Cultivating calmness, mindfulness, and appreciation for cultural values through meditation, chanting, and rhythmic expression.

Goodbye song and reflection

Ending the day with a cheerful song and providing an opportunity for children to reflect on their experiences and share their thoughts before departing.

Our learning environment

All rights to this image are owned by Bloon Toys

All rights to this image are owned by Bloon Toys

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