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Our learning environment

All rights to this image are owned by Bloon Toys

All rights to this image are owned by Bloon Toys

A Typical day at VEY

Morning greetings &freeplay

Starting the day with warm greetings and allowing children to explore and engage in unstructured play.

Montessori hour 

Engaging in a diverse range of activities, including exercises of practical life, sensorial exploration, numerical and linguistic skill development, and cultural enrichment, fostering a well-rounded and holistic educational experience.

Immersing in nature

Embracing the natural world through outdoor exploration, gardening, and ecological awareness to foster a sense of wonder and environmental connection.

Enrichment activities

Offering a range of diverse activities such as art, baking, science experiments, play dough and much more to stimulate holistic development.

Meditation, Shloka chanting & music

Cultivating calmness, mindfulness, and appreciation for cultural values through meditation, chanting, and rhythmic expression.

Goodbye song and reflection

Ending the day with a cheerful song and providing an opportunity for children to reflect on their experiences and share their thoughts before departing.

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