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Meet the founding director

Ramya Rohini

Ramya Rohini is the Founding Director of Virchus Early Years. She is a second-generation Educationist. Both her parents are Doctorates in History. Her dad was the Regional Director of Collegiate Education, while her mom founded 4 preschools. Both her parents believed in serving the society and community at large. Her father's vision for her was to establish a school. 


Ramya is a Management graduate with 13 plus years of experience in HR and Recruitment. She was heading the HR & Recruitment functions in various corporations like Scope International (a subsidiary of Standard Chartered bank), Intelenet Global services (then the JV of HDFC bank & Barclays bank, UK), WNS global services, etc.

Given the long work hours and incessant travel, she has struggled to raise her child - in those days when the concept of daycare was unheard of. A genuine need to provide a solution, and heartfelt empathy to the plight of working parents - planted the seed of inspiration in her, to walk towards the noble path charted by her father.

Her story


In 2009 she quit her corporate career and volunteered with schools, researched about Early Years' Education, and in 2012, founded a playschool and daycare, Redwood Vriksh (School for little gods).


In 2023, Virchus Early Years was established under her leadership with her friends and mentors, Kishan Ananthram, Co-Founder & Chairman, IonIdea  and Brindala Ananthram, Co-Founder & COO, IonIdea. The vision is to create a generation of “Proud Indians" who are rooted in India's ancient wisdom but are Global citizens.


She is a strong advocate of blending the best of Western pedagogical theories with the Indian Knowledge system - and adding large dollops of the Magic of Nature into the everyday classroom schedule. She is an avid reader of modern theories of Education, History, Psychology, and Spirituality. She is a practitioner of yoga, and meditation and believes that real success is possible only within an ethical construct.

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