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Smruti Gopal, Founder and Director of Formative age.

She has taken both the Pre-Primary and Primary teacher training courses at Colin County Community College and NAMC, respectively. She has worked with children in both planes of development in the US and in India. Her passion for children led her to start a teacher training center in India 12 years ago. 


Isha Gopal, Toy maker and Founder Bloon Toys.

Bloon toys designs and makes toys that invite this self-directed play and open up creative possibilities. Bloon toys are purposefully minimal, designed to leave more room for exploration and growth. Being open ended, they are often used in different ways by children of different ages. All the toys are thoughtfully designed, using responsibly sourced all-natural materials – like wood, wool, natural dyes and beeswax ensuring safety for children and also for the environment.

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Kirti Yadav, Founder, Kukclean is a certified holistic Nutritionist from AFPA (USA) & Plant-based Athlete coach.

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