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The House of Ananthram

Brindala's father-in-law, G.K.Ananthram ji hand-created the first 10 ACK comic books, incidentally, in Kannada. For decades, it has served as a magical portal for children to know about our country’s heroes, culture, folklore, History, Gods and heritage.

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OmTara Kuteera is a heritage centre which hosts myriad murals, murthis, paintings of our ithihasas, puranic stories etched in stone, wood, et al.

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The Omkareshwara temple is built in the style of Puri Jagannath shrine. Shiva's son, Subramanya as a little child is sitting on his father's shoulders and is  explaining the meaning of the primordial sound, Aum. Shiva, who is the all knowing one, is nevertheless respectfully and lovingly giving him the honour that is given to a Guru.This temple has been lovingly carved with devotion.

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