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Virchus Values

Let’s mean what we say when we say, “Vidyaa Dhadhaathi Vinayam, Vinayaa Dhyaathi Paathrathaam, Paathrathvaa Dhanamaapnothi, Dhanah, Dharmam, Thatah, Sukham”. Let’s make lifelong learning the central part of our lives, so that we can continuously become more capable, accomplished, prosperous, virtuous, and joyous.

Let’s mean what we say when we say, “Aham Brahmaasmi”. Let’s see the divine in ourselves; and have immense faith in the Universe, Divinity and in ourselves. Let’s jettison all limiting thoughts and fear of failure from our minds.

Let’s mean what we say when we say, “Tath Thwam Asi”. Let’s always see the divine goodness in every person, immaterial of their race, nationality, religion, gender, age, appearance, capability and choices.

Let’s mean what we say when we say, “Namasthe”. Let’s always treat others the way we want to be treated… like they are divine… with trust, respect, love, understanding, empathy, caring and sharing.

Let’s mean what we say when we say, “Aano bhadraaha Krathavo Yanthu Vishwathah…”. Let’s adopt good thoughts and ideas from all sources… from every country, from every religion, from every faith, from every political system, from every economic system, from every person, and from modern times as well as ancient times.

Let’s mean what we say when we say, “Ekam Sath Vipra Bahudhaa Vadanthi” or when we say, “Aakaashaath Pathitham Thoyam Yathaa Gacchathi Saagaram Sarva Dheva Namaskaaram Keshavam Prathi Gacchathi”. Let’s respect everybody for their choices in religion and worship and find common cause to bring people together.

Let’s mean what we say when we say, “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” or when we say, “Sarvae Janaah Sukhino Bhavanthu”. Let’s always think and act in ways that benefit not only us, but also benefits the society and humanity as a whole.

Let’s mean what we say when we say, “Anna Dhaatho Sukhee Bhavah”. Let’s recognize, be grateful, and pray for the wellbeing of all those who have influenced and helped each one of us to become what we are today… our teachers, guides, students, parents, children, family, friends, relatives, employers, employees, customers, vendors; and our community, country and humanity as a whole.

Let’s mean what we say when we say, “Bhadram Karnaebhih Srinuyaama Devah, Bhadram Pashyeam Akshabhir Yajatrah… “. Let’s see no evil, hear no evil, and do no evil. Let’s build admirable character and lead noble, virtuous lives … with compassion, love, honesty, integrity, empathy, courage, bravery, generosity, faith, and impeccable morals. Let’s overcome our poisonous internal enemies “Arishadvargas - Kaama, Krodha, Moha, Lobha, Mada, Maathsarya”, which are ego, arrogance, anger, hate, wrath, envy, jealousy, lust, delusion, infatuation, gluttony, greed, avarice, laziness, sloth, and unhealthy attachment.

Let’s mean what we say when we say, “Om Shanthi, Shanthi, Shathihi”. Let’s strive every day to make this world a peaceful, joyous, and prosperous place for everyone, and for all creatures with whom we are sharing this planet. Let’s adopt lifestyles and make personal choices that do not intentionally inflict pain and suffering on sentient beings.

Let’s mean what we say when we say, “Yathra Yogeshwara Krishnaa, Yathra Paartho Dhanurdharah, Tathra Sri Vijayo Bhootih, Dhruvaa Neetir Matir Mamaa”. Let’s do all our duties with unquestionable work ethics… by putting all our energies, thought, passion, heart, and soul into it… and have faith that the Universe/Divine will make us successful.

Finally, let’s mean what we say, when we talk about “Nishkama Karma” or when we say “Karmanyae Vaadhikaarasthae Ma Phalaeshu Kadhaachana, Ma Karma Phalahaethurbhurma Thae Sangosthvakarmani…”. Let’s always have faith in the Universe/Divine, let’s always do the very best we can in everything we do, and not fret about the fruits of our actions. Let’s gratefully and gracefully accept whatever results we get from the Divine.













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