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Our programmes

Pre-K | K1 | K2 | Daycare


Young explorers

Pre-K program (3-4 years)

In our Young explorers program, we focus on fostering curiosity, independence, and social skills through hands-on learning and play. Our youngest learners engage in age-appropriate activities, including Sensory play, Art exploration, Music and Movement, and Early language development. With a carefully crafted curriculum, we provide a nurturing environment that encourages growth and discovery.

Joyful learners - I

K1 program (4-5 years)

Our Joyful Learners - I Program prepares children for a seamless transition into formal education. We emphasize the development of foundational skills in Literacy, Numeracy, and Critical thinking. Our educators personalize the learning experience to cater to each child's unique needs and interests, ensuring that they develop a love for learning that will last a lifetime.


Joyful learners - II

K2 Program for 5-6 year olds

Our Joyful Learners - II Program is designed to provide children with cognitive, emotional and social foundations for their future education. Building on the skills acquired in Joyful Learners - I, we further develop literacy and numeracy skills, introduce scientific concepts, and foster cognitive development. Our holistic approach encompasses various subjects, including Language, Mathematics, Science, Social studies, and the Arts. We strive to create a well-rounded learning experience that stimulates creativity, critical thinking and a passion for experimentation.


Daycare facility for 2.5 years and above

Our daycare facility for children aged 2.5 years and above provides a safe and nurturing environment where young ones can explore, socialize, and engage in age-appropriate activities, promoting their cognitive, emotional, and physical development. With experienced and caring staff, we prioritize creating a stimulating and inclusive space where children can thrive, fostering a sense of belonging.

Boy in Daycare

Meet our nutrionist

Kirti Yadav

The founder of KuKClean, Kirti Yadav, is a certified holistic Nutritionist from AFPA (USA) & Plant-based Athlete Coach.

Under KuKClean, Kirti conducts programs at schools, colleges and corporations. With her venture, she makes healthy consumables easily accessible for health-conscious customers.

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