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At Virchus, we are on a mission… we exist solely to bring out the best in children, to help them achieve their fullest potential, and to create virtuous next-generation leaders… in politics, government, industry, business, arts, science, technology, medicine, sports etc.

Towards this goal, Virchus operates pre-schools, K-12 schools, and training centers that impart very strong Dharmic, Civic, Health, Environmental, Financial, Tech, Entrepreneurial and Leadership education, in addition to imparting Academic Education prescribed by CBSE, ISCE, IB etc.


Virchus nourishes the innate divinely bestowed goodness and intelligence in children to encourage and enable them to become next-generation leaders, who will be excellent role-models and inspire upcoming generations to follow in their footsteps, thus creating a virtuous and enduring cycle.

These next-generation leaders that Virchus nourishes will be extremely successful in their chosen fields; they will be rooted in Dharmic culture, thought and morality; they will be patriots who put the interests of our nation over self-interests; and they will use their knowledge, influence, wealth, and power for the betterment of society at large.

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