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Apart from the Preschool programs offered (link to Preschool), we offer full day care for children from 3 – 6 years in an environment which is truly a ‘home away from home’. Best-in-class care is provided by caregivers who are child development professionals, and for whom looking after and nurturing your child is a sacred duty.

The verdant 15000 sq. ft centre with a central atrium is illumined with natural daylight. Green spaces, Indian art, toys, books, learning aids all help to engage the child positively and mindfully.

Outdoor play areas are outfitted with safe playing equipment to avoid any hurt to the children.

Child-appropriate furniture in the classrooms ensure comfort, and ease, so that the child can give all attention and engage.

The school is stocked with First Aid supplies and all teachers are trained in First Aid.

Stringent hygiene measures including multiple rounds of cleaning of classrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, furniture and toys are adhered to.

Nutritionally balanced sattvic meals and snacks ensure optimum levels of health.

CCTV cameras in all strategic locations ensure complete transparency.

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